200KHz LCR Meter
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200KHz LCR Meter


Digital LCR Meter

VE2816A / VE2816B is a new precision LCR meter combined with years of technical experience and newest measurement technology of instrument industry. With powerful measurement functions, high performance and low cost, VE2816A/VE2816B have been one of the world advanced instruments, and it provides users a super value measurement resolution and experience. The meter offers stable 6-digit resolution, wide frequency range (50Hz to 200kHz ), programmable signal level (0.01V to 2.0V), measurement rate up to 30times/second, 9 measurement ranges, 30 Ohms or 100 Ohms constant output impedance and friendly operation interface. They can be used for incoming inspection of components, quality control of product line and high accuracy laboratory use. The HANDLER, GPIB, RS232C interfaces help build an automatic component test system, communicate with the computer and record the test results.

  • With the base of our years’ experience of developing LCR meter, the meter reasonably combines easy operation and strong functions, and improves performance of 200kHz LCR meter. It is ideal instrument for incoming inspection and production line use.

  • This LCR Meter had HANDLER, RS232C, GPIB interfaces, through which the meter can communicate with computer and build automatic measurement system and test cable.

  • Can save 10 sets of measurement parameters, and automatically load saved parameters, which doesn’t have the trouble of repeat setting.

Features : 

  • 240×64 dot-matrix graphics LCD display

  • Humanization interface and easy operation

  • VE2816A: 50Hz ~ 200kHz, Over 10,000 frequencies

  • VE2816B: 50Hz ~ 200kHz, 37 frequencies total

  • Programmable single-voltage level from 10mVrms to 2.0Vrms

  • Higher stability and accuracy

  • 6-digit readout resolution

  • Measurement rate up to 32ms/meas

  • Precision LOAD correction function

  • Selectable source output impedances: 30 Ohm, 100 Ohm

  • List sweep function for up to 4 frequencies

  •  Direct, ”ABS and ”% display modes

  • 12 control setting files memory

  • Built-in comparator, 10 Bins and bin counters (TH2816A/B)

  • Test signal level monitor function

  • Handler interface , RS-232C and optional GPIB interfaces

  • Key lock function


Measurement function

Measurement parameter


|Z|, C, L, X, R, D, Q, θ




Basic accuracy


Equivalents circuit

Series, parallel

Mathematical function

Absolute value deviation, Δ%

Ranging mode

Auto, Hold, Manual selection

Trigger mode

Internal, Manual, External, BUS

Measurement speed

Fast: 20, Med: 8, Slow: 2 (times/second) (≥1kHz)

Average times

1 - 99

Calibration function

Open/Short frequency point, full frequency correction

Measurement terminal


Display mode



5-digit resolution, special LCD display with backlight

Measurement signal

Signal frequency

VE2816A: 50Hz ~ 200kHz, Over 10,000 frequencies points

VE2816B: 50Hz ~ 200kHz, 37 frequencies Points

Output impedance

30Ω, 100Ω

Test level

Programmable Signal-Voltage level from 10m Vrms to 2.0Vrms

Measurement display range

|Z|, R, X

0.0001µΩ - 99.999MΩ


0.00001pF - 999.99m F


0.01nH - 9999.99H


0.00001 - 9.9999


0.01 - 99999.9

θ (DEG)

-179.99º - 179.99 º

θ (RAD)

-3.1416 - 3.1416


-99.999% - 99.999%

Comparator and interface


10 bins and bin counters


10 sets of inner instrument settings saved and recalled


RS-232C, HANDLER, GPIB (option)

General Specifications

Operating temperature & humidity

0°C - 50°C,  £90%RH

Power supply

198V - 242V, 47.5Hz - 63Hz

Power consumption

≤ 30VA

Dimensions (W×H×D)



Approx. 3.8 kg

Data Sheet : 200KHz Digital LCR Meter

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