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Key Personnal

Mr. K.S.Babu (C.E.O)

C.E.O . and founder of Vasavi Electronics.  Electronics & Communications Engineering Graduate from Osmania University in early 70’s. Has wide range of R&D experience, in hardware like controllers, PC’s, Instrumentation circuits, Analog circuits, Computer control software etc. He designed the 1st Digital LCR meter in India. Designed  Automatic Test equipment for Relays and transformers. Has 30 years of  R&D, Marketing experience which is a rare combination. “Concept design must be made at customers place, not at the closed room.”  He has world wide business tour experience. Had visited Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland,  Korea, Singapore on business trips, way back in 80's.

Mrs. K.Sandhya Rani ( Vice President Finance & Admin.)

Post Graduate in Public Administration. She has wide experience for the last 20 years in financial management and human resource management.  Has world wide tour experience. Had visited Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore on business trips.  

Mr.K.Ranganath (Vice President, Overseas Operations)

Vice President Overseas Operations. Young and energetic Electrical & Electronics Engineer. With in a short time he could master the global market of highly complex and involved products like Automatic Test Equipment. He has whirled round several times the entire industrial zones of India and traveled China (multiple), Hong Kong (multiple), Singapore, Germany, France and USA (Washington, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville, Indianapolis, Chicago and a few other cities in USA) for business purpose.  He has participated in several international technical trade fairs and seminars to expose the company products and to develop new markets.

Mr.K.Gautham (Vice President, R&D)

Young Computer Science Engineer  looking  after the software work. Mastered the intricate design skills to trim and design the software to the customer satisfaction. He has successfully designed and executed the software for multi-national companies like Phillips, EPCO’s, TYCO for designing their specific test requirements. Took up the upgrading of the products into windows environment. Made the products more attractive and up to date. He looks after the software development and domestic marketing. Traveled through out India (only major cities like Mumbai, Chennai etc). He also traveled to China, Hong Kong, Germany and France for project discussions.

Mrs. K.Shravani (Manager, Production)

Young and fresh Electronics Engineer. She has excellent communication skills with leadership qualities.Heading Production and QC department.



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