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Fast and easy testing of SMPS/Adaptors. Most ideal for mobile charges, battery charges, SMPS etc. Scans at one stock all the parameter of each and every output as per predefined program of the test procedure. Any semiskilled and unskilled person can be engaged in actual test. The person testing neednot have any knowledge of the parameters being tester, he ultimately has to see PASS/FAIL. In the software you can select the parameter to be tested , can select the channel under test ,can select the input voltages and also can select whether the test is to be done in loaded condition or without Load. The load is the programmable DC load you can enter any value <1Amp DC. The test parameters include Vdc, Vac , Idc, Iac, Programmable DC Load, Selectable INPUT voltage 100Vdc, 230Vac, 300Vac

PC Control Software

The instrument is controlled through external PC through RS232C port. The system stores the test results to database tables. The system software works on Windows platform.

View & Print Test Results (Database)

All the test results will be transferred to a database files with connected file name. The database table is compatible to fox-pro table. You can import these files to other software like excel for creating graphs and other analysis.


Programmable output channel selection. Test any of following parameters and test conditions. .

INPUT VOLTAGE: 100VAC, 230VAC, 300VAC + 3% (Can be customized to any voltages but max 3 I/Pís).

OUTPUT CHANNELS: Max 4channels with common Ground.

INTERNAL DC LOAD: any programmable from 50mAmps to 1000mAmps Resolution: 1mAmps Accuracy:+1%

Test Parameter  Range  Accuracy
VOLTAGE DC(Vdc) 10mVdc to 50Vdc   + 0.1%
VOLTAGE AC (Vac true RMS) 10mVac - 50Vac.  20Hz - 50Hz + 1%, 

 50 - 20KHz +0.8% at highest range,

 20KHz - 50KHz +1.5% at highest range, 

 50KHz - 100KHz + 3% at highest range.

CURRENT DC (Idc) 2mAmps - 1000mAmp  + 0.2% at highest range.
CURRENT AC (Iac) 2mAmps - 1000mAmps  + 0.2% at highest range.

SHORT CIRCUIT Time delay in Seconds Shorting the selected OUTPUTS

Composite Testing window

Power Requirements: 230V+10% 50HZ AC Mains

Password Requirement: The control software expects two levels of users.

 Level-1 user - Person with Password: A person who understands the Adaptor/SMPS, its design, drawings, specifications. This person will be provided with the password and will be able to access all menu items.

Level-2 user - Person without Password: This persons can select the test file, test the components and take reports.

Testing Speed: Less than 0.75 seconds per each test. If there are 4 tests in a transformer it takes about 3 seconds or less after inserting the transformer into the test jig.

Data Sheet :  VCAT - S4


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